Welcome to the Wiki for NovalightSMP!

NovalightSMP is a SMP by Mooniium! At the creation point of the wiki we've only gotten the promotional video from Mooniium, but people have submitted applications! At the end of the form it said about a week from submission they should be looked through which is VERY SOON! This wiki is fan created with permission from Mooniium by LianaGarmadon.


What is NovalightSMP?[edit | edit source]

NovalightSMP is currently in the works from Mooniium and her team (the creator of this wiki is unaffiliated). It is to be a Modded SMP (Modded Survival Multiplayer) in Minecraft Java edition! Creators chosen to join after filling out the form are going to run over 60 mods. The map is going to at least be part custom as there is a build team working to create it. The list of creators is unknown as is if they've looked through the responses.

Important articles[edit | edit source]

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